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Instant delivery system for a stronger brand.

The next generation of last mile logistics is here, upgrade now and create an unparalleled customer experience.

On-demand delivery is only for groceries?

Think again.

Imagine you have the power to place your products right where your customers are, entirely automated. Our tech and urban fulfillment infrastructure increases your supply-chain efficiency, cuts emissions and produces outstanding customer satisfaction. With our 30-minute delivery, we offer a variety of possible constellations that guarantees to get your products where they’re needed in the most reliable and sustainable way possible. We connect businesses across industries and build a collaborative infrastructure to create a holistic solution that’s tailored to your sector’s needs.

delivery bike purple.png

If you regularly move products in small shipments to or within cities, then this is for you.

Why do it the OneSpot way?

No more waiting.

Delivered in minutes, never more than 30. The fastest delivery you can do.

Customer in focus.

Too fast? Our scheduled delivery takes it easy on you, changeable up to 30 minutes in advance.

100% sustainable.

Always by bike: no emissions, no packaging, no compensation, no bulls**t.

Cost effective.

Bye-bye small packages. Our urban real estate network is your interim storage, our tech streamlines your goods flow the most efficient way possible.

Hassle free.

We integrate with your 3PL partner or carrier of choice for an automated flow of goods. Your dashboard gives you real-time overview of your flow.

Discover OneSpot for your industry.

Can't find your industry? No worries, just fill out this form and we'll get back to you!

From store to door in 30 minutes...

Advance the circular economy...

Still handling the distribution to your customer sites?

Outsource your restaurant's storage...


Where you've seen us.



"Innerstädtischer Verkehr, teilweise in der Hauptverkehrszeit und manchmal auch noch verbunden mit Parkplatzsuche, ist in Metropolen wie Frankfurt kein Vergnügen. Die gewonnene Zeit lässt sich sehr viel besser für die WISAG und unsere Kunden nutzen. In der Kooperation mit OneSpot sehe ich einen echten Gewinn mit Potenzial für ganz Deutschland"



-Marc Preußner, Managing Director of WISAG Facility Cleaning

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Our promise to you.

Satisfaction Guarantee. In case you’re unhappy, we ship all your products back, free of charge.

Transparency. Full access to your product tracking data and warehouse protocols.


Privacy. We respect you and your customers’ data privacy and never sell data to a third party.

Excellence throughout the customer delivery experience is the purpose of our every day.

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