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Friends in Nature

4 Nerds Who Care About the Planet.

We are Kevin, Conrad, Salim and Jona. Nice to meet you!

Kevin Eyber

Co-Founder & CEO

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Conrad website7 copy 2.jpg

Conrad Peto-Madew

Co-Founder & CMO

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Salim Bouhorma

Co-Founder & CTO

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Jona Roßmann

Co-Founder & CPO

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Why We Actually Care About City Logistics and Decided to Start a Company.

Yeah, sure, we are ardent entrepreneurs, engineers and self-starters. Entrepreneurial thinking and action play a central role for us in our lives. But mostly, we're just four friends whose passion it is to sit down at the coffee table, dream big and brainstorm about how we can achieve the best possible outcome from the limited resources available - for the environment, for our customers, for us. Technological trends and future topics inspire us; our confidence in the possibility of a better future drives us. 

We are enthusiastic about customer proximity in a dissociating world and the vision we see for the future of commerce. That's our incentive to initiate advancements for urban society. That's why we decided to get together as a team.

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