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Instant delivery system for a stronger brand.

The next generation of last mile logistics is here, upgrade now and create an unparalleled customer experience.


Advancing the future of inner city distribution

By aggregating several brands and use cases, we will facilitate convenience and speed across industries, with a focus on building the infrastructure for the future of commerce. Our purpose is to remove entry barriers for the on-demand logistics industry by building a network of micro fulfilment centres and delivery riders for everyone, creating an ecosystem for small and large players alike, not just those with the big investments.



Democratising the last mile.

The combination of micro fulfillment centers and predictive software allows us to place our customers' products in their urban markets before they're even ordered. Fulfilling straight from the last mile enables a completely emission-free, 30-minute cargo bike delivery for a third of Germany's urban population. This turns the delivery experience into a powerful marketing tool with a lucrative impact on sales – better for profits, people and planet.


Fulfillment for D2C e-commerce brands

Increase your sales with customer focused delivery. Your customer chooses a 30 minute slot that suits them - we deliver during that period. Receiving your product in a sustainable way creates a memorable experience for a memorable brand, boosting customer satisfaction and retention.

Fulfillment for Facility Management Services

Pool your supply chain for all your cleaning essentials or technical components, by having them delivered right to your on-site locations through OneSpot. We offer precise time-window delivery for all your service managers, by integrating operations and saving your managers time spent on distribution.




Fully Integrated

  • No minimum order frequency, flexible pricing plan, cancel anytime.


  • A hassle-free plug & play service, no interactions required after set up, ever.


  • A smooth integration to your web shop and your warehouse infrastructure.



To facilitate the future of commerce by providing green, fast and customer-centric deliveries in cities

Excellence throughout the customer delivery experience is the purpose of our every day.

Our Promise to You

  • Satisfaction Guarantee. In case you’re unhappy, we ship all your products back, free of charge.

  • Transparency. Full access to your product tracking data and warehouse protocols.


  • Privacy. We respect you and your customers’ data privacy and never sell data to a third party.

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