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Logistics of the future: Integrated

The city of the future is green, fast-paced and primarily uses emission-free autonomous vehicles or drones for the rapid transportation of goods. To connect all these elements, OneSpot is a city-central commerce and fulfilment hub where people go to get inspired - hybrid spaces to spend time discovering original brands, explore new products, as well as work, eat or lounge within a breathing urban garden ecosystem. OneSpot - the one spot for customer proximity, that is. 

Combining online trade with a physical core element not only generates income for municipalities but also contributes to a better quality of life in cities; one not shaped by incentives for consumption, but spaces that satisfy the natural human drive for curiosity. Incidentally, we created a concept that makes the high logistical needs of commerce finally sustainable in the last mile, where it matters most. OneSpot sees itself as the heart of an infrastructure that fosters the future.

As a holistic go-to partner for city warehousing, picking and on-demand delivery, OneSpot provides you with real local market presence and brings your business closest to your urban customers, in a sustainable way.
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